Should you weigh your food?

Weighing your food can be cumbersome at the best of times. If you’ve just finished a long day at work or if you’re a time strapped parent, weighing out your food during meal preparation is annoying when you first start - and you often ask yourself why.

It seems obvious, but “increased portion sizes have paralleled the rise in overweight and obesity”. The Harvard Medical School also reports that “The average person consumed 300 more calories per day in 2000 than in 1985.” So if we’re eating more today than we did in the past, without necessarily exercising more, what does it take to reset?

If you don’t weigh your food, it’s hard to truely understand what a serving of something is. What’s even more confusing is what’s on a food label as a serving size, isn’t necessarily recommended by anyone but the product manufacturer:

For example the Australian Dietary Guidelines describe a ‘standard serve’ of breakfast cereal as 30g, but the ‘serving size’ on a cereal packet could be 45g, which is 1.5 larger than the ‘standard serve’.

Every one of our Meal Plans includes snacks, breakfast, lunch, dinner and dessert. Things like breakfast, lunch and dinner are considered ‘meals’ where we supply you with an ingredient list and volumes, always in grams.

Why are our Meal Plans in grams?

There’s a few great reasons why grams (and scales!) are a better measurement than cups, tablespoons, teaspoons etc:

Do I need to weigh food forever?

At Noshh, we promote a lifestyle over a diet. If you don’t plan on eating a specific way for the rest of your life, what’s the point? We’re in it for the long run, and you should be too.

It’s hard to picture ourselves weighing food for the five years, let alone for the next year. It’s down to personal preference and how well you begin to know and understand your food.

For example, it took us a few months of regularly weighing food to understand what 100g of chicken, or 40g of peas, or 15g of cheese looked like. We can’t eyeball weights specifically, but we’ve done it enough to not use the scales every now and then - especially when we’re under pressure to get a meal done for the kids.

We prefer to use scales - for both peace of mind and results. But if we don’t use scales tonight, or tomorrow, or next week, that’s okay.

Eat better with less fuss

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