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Weekly meal plans which meet your fat, protein and carb requirements with recipes created by Registered Australian Dieticians.

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Fat, protein and carb requirements

Flexible Dieting Made Easy

Take the difficulty out of flexible dieting and never have to worry about counting calories or grams of macros again. Every meal plan is generated to meet your daily macro requirements.

Automatic Shopping

Every meal plan has a shopping list showing what you'll need to buy for the week. We also offer one-click Woolworths* integration so all your ingredients are added to your Woolies cart, instantly!

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You're In Control

Unlike other services, you're in control of each meal plan. Instantly swap any meals you don't like, dietary preferences like vegetarian are supported, and update your age, weight etc. at any time.

Shopping made easy.

This is an example only. To view your plan and recipe instructions, click here.
4.5 out of 5

I've found Noshh fits in my lifestyle pretty well, meal plans are quick to generate and the macro detail is fantastic.

4.5 out of 5

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Instant Meal Plans

Meal Plans generated in seconds, not days

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Macro friendly meal plans

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Swap Meals

Don't like a meal? Swap it for another!

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No Meat?

Vegetarian and No Seafood options

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Cheap Shopping

Optimised shopping list - only buy the minimum you need!

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Fuss Free Cooking

You choose what meals to repeat every week

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Eating With Others?

Multiply servings for the whole family!

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Weight Goals

Choose if you want to lose or maintain weight

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